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3 Ways Mindfulness Will Help You Sell More

This is a joint piece written by Bill Morrow, prior VP of Sales & ECS Managing Partner, and Harriet Stein, a leader in the field of Mindfulness & President of Big Toe in the Water.

“Sales is about people. The more we are able to be in the moment, pay full attention to what’s happening “in the room” and focus on others, the better we’ll perform. If sales is about our ability to connect with others, develop a clear understanding of their needs and objectives, co-develop truly outstanding solutions and building relationships – then mindfulness lies at the core of all that.” ~ Ago Cluytens

Harriet’s perspective:Harriet Stein

There is a better way to balance your need to plan, with life right now. Here’s three ways you can apply Mindfulness today:

1. PAUSE and Notice:

  • Your thoughts, your body sensations, and even your mood.
  • Not judging anything as bad or good.
  • Just noticing. Am I thinking of a past situation I cannot ever change or worrying about some future problem that may never exist?

2. PAUSE during periods of transition:

  • First thing in the morning, take a few minutes to just sit and practice “non-doing,” before all the “doing” of the day begins. Noticing the weight of your body…your breath moving in and out, without wanting to change it in any way.
  • Give it a try…no one needs to know you’re doing it…Pause prior to eating…every time you pick up your phone…before giving feedback….even before sleep to see if you’re in the present and noticing the weight of your body in bed…Exhale.

3. PAUSE prior to your next sales call or meeting:

  • Exhale. And then notice if you’re in the present, since this is the only moment that actually exists. Or are you in the past, thinking about the last call or time you’ve spoken with this client.
  • Notice if your mood has changed, if you’re feeling a bit anxious, or if you’ve jumped into future thinking…creating a story in your mind…and are possibly a bit worried it’s not going to go well.
  • Pause. Realize you’ve been triggered by a thought. Exhale again.
  • Pausing allows us to RESPOND rather than REACT.
  • And if you think you’re not doing it right, you can let go of that thought as well. If you’re paying attention, you’re doing it right. This is a practice of compassion, especially toward us, since we needlessly beat ourselves up so much.

If nothing else, be sure to remember these key points:

  • Mindfulness is about Paying Attention.
  • Be in the moment, so that you don’t miss it! It will not come again.
  • Breathe.
  • Take time to unplug and relax.

Bill’s perspective:Bill Morrow

If you had asked me a couple of years ago about Mindfulness, I would have had no idea what you were talking about.

But today, it’s as important to me as any sales methodology, prep or tool I use. Mindfulness changed the way I approach the day, the sale and life.

As sales professionals, we’re taught how to plan for the future, anticipate the future questions, build plans for future sales and in general be in the future. And it’s that very training that makes us not good at being in the moment; we are often poor listeners, poor observers and even poor speakers. In the past I found myself always thinking about the next thing, and I’d lose my train of thought and ramble or stumble.

As people, we have become so obsessed with the next thing that we kill ourselves to get there, and miss much of the world as it goes on around us.

In the past my blood pressure was through the roof! Yes, I said “was” as Mindfulness has helped me get that under control. That’s important not just to me, but to those I love and care for. I want to be around for them.

So what was the Mindful change that took place and transformed Bill? Harriet explains how all of us can transform our lives and incorporate Mindfulness into our work and personal lives.

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