Big Toe in the Water


Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to present moment experiences. It is actively paying attention to your thoughts, body sensations and mood in a non-judgmental way.


  • Is noticing all that is going on both around you and within you, at the present moment.
  • Enables one to become an expert in knowing oneself.
  • Is a way of living one’s life and can be practiced anywhere, at any time – while sitting at your desk, at mealtime, or while waiting in line at the market or for the light to change.

Mindfulness is not about changing who we are; instead it is about understanding who we are and accepting ourselves with compassion. This then leads to a life that is richer in the knowing.

Beneficiaries of Mindfulness include anyone who:

  • Feels stress or frustration
  • Has trouble focusing on tasks at hand or on discussions or conversations
  • Frequently relives past experiences
  • Worries about the future
  • Experiences pain, whether mild or chronic
  • Finds emotional turmoil is taking a toll on his or her health…and who could be missing out on a more content life that each person deserves to live

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Who is using mindfulness?