Big Toe in the Water

MAGI’s Clinical Research vConference 2020

Harriet is excited to share that she will be speaking for the second time at MAGI’s virtual conference on November, 11, 2020. 

Here are a few of the comments participants shared after hearing her speak at the MAGI virtual conference held on June 30, 2020.

  • “This was by far the absolute Best Online Presentation I have experienced this YEAR! Thank you very much for allowing this presenter to transform my workday into beauty and transcending my mind to a more peaceful place. I feel rejuvenated!”
  • “Thank you MAGI for providing a session on mindfulness. Harriet is fantastic. We all need breaks and mindfulness is such a powerful tool. Please continue to have Harriet provide us attendees with a session on Mindfulness on future MAGI conferences.”

MAGI conferences offer a coherent program with practical tips based on real-life examples, and lots of interaction and networking.

This conference will feature:
 – 48 sessions in eight tracks: clinical operations, quality & risk management; site management; regulatory compliance; contracts, budgets & billing; management & professional skills; working together; and special topics
 – 120+ speakers with diverse expertise and backgrounds.
 – 70+ continuing education credits: CME, CNE, CLE, CCB, AAPC (CPB), ACRP (CCRA, CCRC, CPI), ASQ (ASQ-CQA), CCIP (CIP), IAOP (COP), ICR (CPD), NAIM (CIM), NALA (CLA), NALA (CP), NCCPA (CME), NGMA (CGMS), PMI (CMOM), PMI (PgPM), PMI (PMP), PRIM&R (CIP), ACC (CRA), RAPS (RAC), SoCRA (CCRP), SQA (RQAP) (not all pre-approved).

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