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Open Minds Executive Leadership Retreat

Harriet is honored to be speaking at the 2019 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat on September 11, 2019. In this educational and interactive presentation, she will be explaining why the Harvard Business Review stated, “Mindfulness is now seen as a crucial skill in business.”  

  • “…mindfulness can help leaders to see past the storylines and narratives that unconsciously guide their traditional thinking. This can help individuals and firms break free from the tyranny of unexamined assumptions.”
  • “But mindfulness is much more than a mental fitness tool; it’s an asset for leaders seeking to perceive — and re-perceive — the world and make better strategic choices.”

Her program is entitled, “Mind Full or Mindful? Tools & Techniques For Decluttering The Busy Leader’s Mind.” Registration is limited. Sign-up your team today.

The OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat is being held September 9-13, 2019 at the beautiful Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel in Gettysburg, PA. This Executive Leadership Retreat will provide, “Strategy insights, business practice models, & personal resiliency executives need for success in a market dominated by value-based reimbursement.”

Harriet Stein brings Mindfulness Programs to organizations of all sizes to transform employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.


Mindfulness is now being incorporated by organizations to lower healthcare costs, support employees in staying focused which improves their performance, and reduce levels of stress.



Provide a life-changing program for your employees and create a healthier more collaborative and engaged workplace.



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