Big Toe in the Water

Hold On!

To steal a line from Bette Davis, “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

We all know the sound that a rollercoaster makes as it slowly climbs up that steep incline. Click…click…click…

Somehow, this is what the last year has felt like to me.

Until last winter, we had never experienced a global pandemic before. We did not know what to expect. Click…click…click…

It just kept getting worse. Every day…every week…every month.

When I saw this photo of these people on the rollercoaster I thought, this is exactly where we are right now.

We finally made it to the top. Soon, the rollercoaster will start gaining momentum as it speeds back down. Clickclickclickclickclick.

But now, in this moment, we are hanging upside down.

Yes, the number of people getting sick and hospitalized is finally getting better! Restrictions are being lifted quickly. And yet, life is not normal­—definitely not like it was prior to Covid.

One of the attitudes we cultivate with a Mindfulness practice is Patience.

I’m going to invite you to have patience with yourself as you witness all the changes going on around you and possibly feeling like you need to catch up since everyone else is running ahead and “has it all together.”

They don’t.

Mindfulness is also a practice of Nonjudgment.

I’m going to invite you to see if you can let go of all that self-judgment.

Remember, this is your first pandemic. There is no right way to go through this experience, but you cannot go around it.

So, at this moment, if you feel a bit upside down, try practicing a bit of Acceptance. Not wanting things to be any different than they are right now.

Remember, maybe with a little smile, that what goes up, must come down. And that you are safely strapped in for the ride!

“Maybe the fear is that

we are less than

we think we are,

when the

actuality of it

is that we are much much more.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn,


Above Photo credit: Charlotte Coneybeer on Unsplash

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