Big Toe in the Water

Place a Pause: And Come Sit with Me

I invite you to look at that photo and sit with me or by yourself. What do you notice? Can you feel the sun on your arms or maybe a breeze on the back of your neck? What do you hear, the sounds of the ocean or birds playing off in the distance? What does it smell like?

What does it feel like in your body to sit and look at this photo? If your jaw is clenched, maybe relax it. And if you have not stood up in the last 30 minutes, I invite you to stand up and stretch in whatever way feels comfortable for you right now.


I began my morning today hearing my 5-year-old neighbor screaming at the top of her lungs and watching her father try to soothe her and get her on the school bus. As a physician, he will now head off to work, and I doubt any of his patients or colleagues will know how his morning began. Yes, everyone is going through something. Everyone. And when we acknowledge this fact, we immediately bring compassion into our lives.

When we Place a Pause® right in the middle of our busy days, it instantly gives us a chance to reset. It allows us to check in and see if we are thinking about a past situation we cannot change or worrying about a future challenge that may never exist. Or are we in the present moment since right now is the only moment that does exist?

It helps to get our worries, concerns, problems, and fears off our chests and out of our minds. So, I invite you to share what you’re dealing with me anonymously (!) so that I can address it in a future post.

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I wish you a very good and memorable day!             

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