Big Toe in the Water

They Don’t Say That Anymore?

Recently I asked my 14-year-old niece, “Do you use the word ‘bummer’?”

As a professional speaker, I’m very aware of how important it is to stay current with my words and examples.

She looked at me with that “OK, Boomer” look. Uh oh. No, not used any longer.

I’m really glad I asked.

So, where does Mindfulness fit in, and more specifically how Mindfulness impacts our workplaces? (You knew it was coming!)

There are currently FIVE generations in the workforce all playing nicely together – right? Or…are we judging each other constantly? Judging the words being used…the clothes being worn…the food being eaten…the practices…the processes…

Of course, they want it done that way, since that’s how they’ve been doing it since 1995!” (1995 was 25 years ago my fellow boomers! You wouldn’t even think about using a phone that was five years old.)

Of course, they just texted me and want a response in 3 minutes…they’re a Millennial…they can’t wait in line for coffee or pause at a red light without looking at their phone.”

How can you not know your WiFi password?!!” (Forty percent of Gen Zers – that’s the generation born after Millennials – say that working Wi-Fi is more important than working toilets. Let that sink in for a moment.)

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to present moment experiences. It is actively paying attention to your thoughts, body sensations and mood in a non-judgmental way.

A mindful business is a healthy, more collaborative, engaged workplace.


How do you feel when you’re being judged?

This means to foster collaboration; I’m going to invite you right now to begin noticing when you are judging. And since this is a practice of compassion, noticing without beating yourself up, when you’re doing it. And then consider what it feels like to be accepted for who you are…just as you are. Ahhhhh.

Millennials now make up 50% of the US workforce and within five years will be 75% of the global workforce.

We all want to be appreciated, and none of us want to be “meh”, right?

(Tip: 8 Words That Totally Reveal You Are Not a Millennial) Spoiler alert: “bummer” is on the list.)


How can you help your organization be less judgmental and more collaborative?
(And perhaps you are asking, can you help your organization? The answer to this is ‘yes’!)

Harriet provides actionable results when working with groups of all sizes – she guides employees and provides tools so they can incorporate Mindfulness into their lives. This translates to improved performance on the job and a demonstrated ROI.

This is an investment you won’t want to pass by. Contact Harriet for more information on customized options for your organization.


PHOTO CREDIT: Ben White on Unsplash

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