Big Toe in the Water

What Thoughts Are You Carrying?

The heaviest burdens that we carry are the thoughts in our head.

Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and your mind is racing before you even check to see what time it is?

Maybe it’s a worry, quickly followed by a to-do list?

Or excitement for a special day–perhaps a graduation or a long-awaited reunion?

Or gratitude that it’s a weekend and not a weekday? (Though does that even matter anymore?!)

I’m frustrated. I cannot find where this sculpture is located or provide the appropriate attribution to the artist. Please let me know if you do, since I find that both the image and quote clearly address the value of becoming very familiar with the thoughts that may be weighing us down.

The thing is, we are the ones that choose where to place our attention.

We decide what to carry and for how long to carry it.

I invite you to begin noticing your thoughts by simply placing a pause during your day. Are they about a past that can never be changed, or a future worry that may or may not even happen?

Or maybe it’s a cherished memory you hold dear? A memory you were able to make because you were present for the experience and not lost in thought.

If you notice your mind is constantly scrolling through a never-ending to-do list, I suggest you write it down and return to the task at hand, whether it be making a meal, driving your car or getting dressed.

I’ll never forget when, after teaching a program several years ago at Johnson & Johnson’s offices in Raritan, a woman shared with me, “I did what you suggested last week and paid attention to my walk between buildings. I never even noticed there was a bench there before! So, I sat down and enjoyed the beautiful weather before going back inside to work.”

Why not try seeing how it feels to let go of some of the thoughts you might be carrying around with you right now?

Are they serving you?

And notice what you might be missing that is right before your eyes.

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